Big Om of Tibet

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Title:Big Om of Tibet

Item Code:C0000000760

Category:Music | Mantras / Chants / Meditation

Size:142 X 123 mm

Weight(gms):100 gms

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  • Big Om of Tibet is an authentic recording of Om chants, prayers & mantras. Recorded in monasteries in the Himalayas. This CD transports the listener to real life ceremonies in the actual monasteries and nunneries--not some studio. Recording by Stefan Ackermann

    Total playing time: 62:19 minutes

    Tracks: 10

    1. Big Om of Tibet
    2. Ceremonial Horns
    3. Daily Prayer for Yamantaka
    4. Prayer for Mahakala
    5. Puja for The Eight Paradises
    6. Small Ceremonial Horns
    7. Prostration to the 1000 Buddhas Part 1.
    8. Prostration to the 1000 Buddhas Part 2.
    9. Trantric Prayer
    10. Offering the Mandala to Compassion


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