Sacred Chants of Buddha

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Title:Sacred Chants of Buddha

Item Code:C000000060

Category:Music | Mantras / Chants / Meditation | Buddhist / Tibetan Chants

Size:140 X 125 mm

Weight(gms):100 gms

Price:USD 3.00

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  •  Sacred Chants of Buddha is an album of peaceful, meditative and calming music.

    Tracks: 4

    -Varjra Guru Mantra 'Meditation One' to the Enlightened (Invocation)
    -Buddham Sharanam 'Celebration' the Three Jewels (Dance of Swaying)
    -Om Mani Padme Hum 'Meditation Two' the Mantra of Compassion (Silence)
    -Om Tara 'Meditation Three' the Goddess (Heart Opening)

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