Sense of Humor Series Nepalese Cartoons

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Title:Sense of Humor Series Nepalese Cartoons


Author:Ram Kumar Panday

Publisher:Ratna Pustak Bhandar

Publish Year:1997

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Nepal Non-Fiction | Non Fiction | Paintings / Drawings


Remarks:contains B&W illustrations, appendix, bibliography


Size:134 x 220 mm


Price:USD 1.90

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  • The native tradition of amusing and satirical pictures and images in Nepal is very long , but cartoon as a genre of satirical drawing in the occidental and now universal sense has appeared pretty late. The exaggerated images in paintings and carvings, the highly stylized and seemingly intentionally executed disproportionate bodies of the deities- the taught phallus of Bhairava, the erotic postures and monkeys trying to shake stiff phalluses on the struts, the comic appearances of the deities and worshipers have in course of time sunk so deep in our cultural memories that original humorous intentional has disappeared. But the modern history of cartoons in Nepal though short has a strong functional basis of its origin.

    Ram Kumar Panday

    RAm Kumar Pandey's cartoon career begins in 1960's. He has developed a full page column "Cartoon Conversation" in the third issue of Mayalu in 1964. He has also prepared cartoon covers for Tamasha, a special issue of humor magazine in 1972
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