Forest or Farm?: The Politics of Poverty and Land Hunger in Nepal

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Title:Forest or Farm?: The Politics of Poverty and Land Hunger in Nepal


Author:Krishna Ghimire

Publisher:Manohar Publishers and Distributors

Publish Year:1998

Edition:Reprinted Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Environment / Gardening | Nepal Non-Fiction | Nepal Economy | Non Fiction | Development | Economics


Remarks:contains Abbreviations, Land Measurement and Currency Equivalent, Maps, Bibliography, Epilogue and Index


Size:144 x 223 mm


Price:USD 7.53

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  • This book is about the political economy of poverty and land hunger in Nepal. It describes the hopes and frustrations of the people with respect to their aspirations to land as well as examines the rationality of present land-use policies.


    Krishna Ghimire

    He is a sociologist with United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) in Geneva. His publications include Social Change and Nature, Rural Development and the Environment, Badal Pariko Gaun, Forests and Livelihoods, and Linkages between Populations, Environment and Development
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