Beyond the Myth of Eco-Crisis Local Responses to Pressure on Land in Nepal, a Study of Kakani in the Middle Hills

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Title:Beyond the Myth of Eco-Crisis Local Responses to Pressure on Land in Nepal, a Study of Kakani in the Middle Hills


Author:Sumitra Manandhar Gurung

Publisher:Mandala Book Point

Publish Year:2007

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Natural History / Wildlife | Environment / Gardening | Anthropology/ Sociology | Science | Nepal Anthropology | Nepal Non-Fiction | Nepal Economy | Non Fiction | Geography | Social Science | Bibliography/Reference


Remarks:contains colored photographs, graphs and charts, B&W aerial maps, appendix, bibliography, index, and glossary


Size:141 x 216 mm


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  • The diverse system of farms in the hills of Nepal has been significantly affected by soil erosion. Foreign ecologists who have studies the problem have concluded that population growth and deforestation have caused substantial land degradation in Nepal, resulting in an “eco-crisis”. Manandhar Gurung, a native Nepalese, Believes otherwise. She argues that the villagers’ cultural background has equipped them with the knowledge to renew and sustain their environment. Using questionnaires and extensive interviews with observations of the cultural habits of three caste and ethnic groups, the author develops and analyzes three sets of data to prove her point. The first set concerns subsistence agriculture and the economy in the context of crop loss due to erosion and flood, the second portrays the local decision – making process about environment issues, and the third surveys outside intervention on issues of agricultural improvement and efficiency. Manandhar Gurung shows how the villagers are well aware of the relationships involving soil, slope, vegetation, and land use. The many maps, diagrams, pictures, and aerial photographers, anthropologists, and scholars interested in the study of political economy in mountain adaptation. 

    Sumitra Manandhar Gurung

    She is a Nepalese geographer and works as a development consultant and a social development activist. Her main interest is improving the lives of poor, disadvantaged women and indigenous peoples and giving them voice in the development process. She is the chairperson of Lumanti, Support Group for Shelter, National Coalition Against Racial Discrimination(NCARD) and Founding Board Member of Women's Cooperative Society and Banking(WCS), Center for Self-help Development (CSD).
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