The Ecstatic Body: Notes on Shamanism and Corporeity in Nepal

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Title:The Ecstatic Body: Notes on Shamanism and Corporeity in Nepal


Author:Martino Nicolletti

Publisher:Vajra Publications

Publish Year:2008

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Shamanism | Anthropology/ Sociology | Spirituality / Spiritual | Nepal History | Nepal Anthropology | Nepal Non-Fiction | Folk tales/ Folk songs | Non Fiction | Social Science | Bibliography/Reference | Nepal Culture and Custom


Remarks:contains Color Photographs and Bibliography


Size:116 x 172 mm


Price:USD 9.41

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  • The shaman who entertains the gods by dancing and music is the same man who entertains the audience through the more performative aspects of the seance. Here, it is ordinary people who exploit the situation, coming to attend a performance that in primis,has been organised for gods. This is a light editorial formula dealing with visual anthropology and anthropology of art in the field of oriental studies. Fragments of thoughts, ink and images, intentionally placed in a borderline.

    Martino Nicolletti

    He has been a specialist in the ethnography of the Himalayas and history of religions of Southern Asia.
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