Some Aspects of Economic Planning: A Case Study of Nepal

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Title:Some Aspects of Economic Planning: A Case Study of Nepal


Author:Y P Pant
Girish P Pant

Publisher:Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Publish Year:1999

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Nepal | Nepal Economy


Remarks:Tables, Reference and Index.


Size:145 x 225 m


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  • This book deals with various aspects of the Nepalese economy. Nepal's agricultural, mineral, power and population resources are briefly described. Initial experiences with planning are followed by progress attained during the First to Sixth Plan. The Seventh and the Eight Plans are Discussed extensively with a generous presentation of a multitude of self-explanatory tables. The Funding of different plans with emphasis on foreign aid and private savings come in for a special treatment. After outlining the problems of the agriculture sector, its importance in different plans is underscored. A Survey of land reform and planning has been conducted with special reference to various plans. Planning for industrial development, difficulties faced and the country's potential for growth are adequately dealt with in development of transport. Experiences in different plans are adumbrated and future prospects are also discussed. Under foreign trade, Nepal's relations with China and India are expound together with a section on Trade and Transit Treaty with the latter. A laconic section is also devoted to monetary aspects such as dual exchange rate, single exchange rate and the basket system. A detailed note on human development index and its ramifications is supplied Finally, some features of the Ninth Plan are traced.

    Y P Pant

    Girish P Pant

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