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Kundalini The Arousal of The Inner Energy

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Title:Kundalini The Arousal of The Inner Energy


Author:Ajit Mookerjee

Publisher:Thames and Hudson

Publish Year:2005

Edition:Reprinted Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Spirituality / Spiritual


Remarks:Colour and B&W Illustrations, Bibliography, Glossary and Index.


Size:180 x 255 mm


Price:USD 18.70

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  • In the Western world interest in many forms of spiritual practice is widespread and growing. Tantra, the Indian cult of self-knowledge and liberated joy, is one of the best known. At the centre of its philosophy is the principle of awakening the viatl energy (Kundalini) that lies latent in each of us in order to channel it into spirital growth. Envisualized as a coiled serpent, the energy must be aroused through meditation. It then rises up through the energy centre (chakras) to unite with pure consciousness at the crown of the head.

    Ajit Mookerjee

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