Political Communication: Media, Message and Meaning

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Title:Political Communication: Media, Message and Meaning


Author:Parsuram Kharel

Publisher:Sangam Institute

Publish Year:2010


Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Business / Economics | Politics



Size:145 x 225 x 20 mm


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  • The Primary Objective of the book not only discusses the role news media can play in informing society on political affairs and functioning of political institutions but also brings to the fore the ploys politicians employ whether for the sake of publicity or for purposes of protecting themselves " from the consequences of their acts of commission and omission.
    The 12 chapters of the book are tightly knit for purposes of continuity and, moreover, to provide the reader an insight as to how information is generated and communicated o different strata of society, and how characteristics of community structure and conflict bear on communication processes.  
    1. An Ancient Political Tool
    2. Conditions for Better Public Debate
    3. News Media : Public Space vs. Partisan Forum
    4. Propaganda and Manipulation : Lapdog and Watchdog
    5. The Fourth Estate : Free and Fair Media
    6. Bad Beats and Deadly Datelines
    7. Op-ed Pages : Reflection of Attitude and Approach
    8. National Interest/Patriotism
    9. Freedom vs. Regulation : Sensitivity and Credibility of Media
    10. Media in Nepal
    11. Into the 21st Century : Opportunities and Challenges
    12. Conclusion

    Parsuram Kharel

    Parsuram Kharel, familiar to many as P. Kharel, joined The Rising Nepal as a sub-editor in August 1973 and served as the daily's editor in 1994-96. He was media advisor for the Asia-Pacific regional media project of the Freidrich-Ebert-Stiftung, a German INGO (1996-2004). Concurrently, he taught journalism and mass communication at various institutes and campuses since 1980. Presently he is a professor at the Central Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Tribhuvan University, and Chairman of Nepal Press Institute. Mr. Kharel has written 15 books on media issues. He also has written about 2,500 articles, mostly in English, for more than dozen publications in a career spanning 37 years.
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