Singh ra Muso

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Title:Singh ra Muso


Author:S. Pradhan

Editor:Victor Pradhan

Publisher:Kathalaya Prakashan

Publish Year:2014

Edition:Fourth Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Nepali Children Books



Size:150 x 222


Price:USD 1.18

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  • This book about the very famous children story of lion and mice is rewritten in Nepali language. One day a small naughty mice was playing on the body of sleeping lion. When the lion wake up and he became angry and was ready to eat the mice. But the mice asked to forgive him. He will help him when he need. The lion amused by his saying and forgave the Mice and in return one day the mice saved the life of lion who was trapped in the net by cutting it with his sharp teeth. A very interesting children story.

    S. Pradhan

    Nepali Children Writer
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