Turquoise Mountain: A Folktale of the Karmarong

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Title:Turquoise Mountain: A Folktale of the Karmarong


Author:Dorjee Karmarong

Editor:Daniel Watters

Publisher:Ekta Books

Publish Year:2008

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Children Books | Nepali Children Books


Remarks:Tibetan script and Colour Illustrations by Dorjee Karmarong.


Size:256 x 186


Price:USD 4.12

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  • In the tradition oral literature, Turquoise Mountain is a folktale about how things came to be. How did Turquoise Mountain get its name? Why is turquoise lumpy? But in the genre of myth, it is also a sacred narrative that details the exploits of a man named Tso Gun Tse, before recorded history.

    Dorjee Karmarong

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