Nepalese Book of Proverbs

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Title:Nepalese Book of Proverbs


Author:Kesar Lall

Publisher:Pilgrims Book House

Publish Year:1991

Edition:First Pilgrims Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Proverbs and Quotations


Remarks:Notes and Devanagari text.


Size:123 x 182


Price:USD 2.82

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  • Proverbs are very much used in Nepal and, while the proverbs are of universal application, they also preserve the distinct flavour of the Nepalese land and its people. Here are 447 proverbs on every subject from "the rich and the poor" to "fire, wind and water" to "sin, sorrow, fear and folly". Each proverb is quoted in its original Nepali or Newar language version and, on the facing page, it appears in its English translation.

    Kesar Lall

    He was a Nepalese folklorist and writer. He has published more than 50 books of stories and poetry.
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