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Himalayan Style

Product Details

Title:Himalayan Style


Author:Thomas L. Kelly
Claire Burkert

Publisher:Roli Books Pvt. Ltd.

Publish Year:2014

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Nepal | Architecture / Interior / Furniture | Coffee Table Books


Photographer:Thomas L. Kelly

Remarks:Colour Photographs, Acknowledgements, Glossary, Bibliography and B&W Map.


Size:275 x 285 mm


Price:USD 48.45

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  • Covering ancient Himalayan architecture, recent projects in restoration and new directions in building and crafts, the photographer and author demonstrate the tremendous vitality, range, and potential of Himalayan forms and designs. Himalayan Style contains a treasury of images, and with Burkert’s eloquent prose, this book engages readers both familiar and new to the Himalayas. Himalayan Style begins by focusing on historic structures in Bhutan, India, Nepal, and Tibet that have been renovated and often adapted for new purposes. Style is also illustrated in expressions of spiritual belief, from the distinctive shapes of stupas to offerings of flowers and tikka powder. The homes and furnishings of this region exhibit a variety of construction methods, materials, and decorative detail. Contemporary lodges for travelers in the region are also highlighted. This vibrant book celebrates creative ways of living and working in the Kathmandu Valley. Here, designers and craftsmen work together, creating innovative homes and crafts utilizing local materials and techniques.


    Renowned for his Himalayan photography, Thomas Kelly treats us to a personal collection of images ranging in focus from the small detail of a Tibetan tea table, to a vast mountain landscape dotted with stupas. Himalayan Style offers a fresh look at the man-made beauty in the Himalayas, and so deepens one’s understanding and appreciation of this powerfully beautiful region.

    Thomas L. Kelly

    Thomas L. Kelly first came to Nepal in 1978 as a USA Peace Corps Volunteer, and has since worked as a photo-activist, documenting the struggles of marginalized people and disappearing cultural traditions all over the world. His editorial work has appeared in publications worldwide, including the New York Times, Time, Newsweek, and National Geographic. He currently represents Hinduism Today and is based in Nepal. With his wife, the anthropologist and writer Carroll Dunham, he runs the travel company, Wild Earth Journeys.

    Claire Burkert

    Born in the USA, Claire Burkett has lived in Asia for over 25 years. In 1989, she founded the Janakpur Women’s Development Center, an NGO run by women artists in southern Nepal. She has worked with artisans in Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar, Tibet, and the Gaza Strip to preserve and promote indigenous crafts. Her publications have focused on the traditional art, craft, and dress of Asia. Currently a crafts expert with the Poverty Alleviation Fund, she is based in Kathmandu with her husband Thomas Schrom, a designer and restorer of Himalayan buildings.
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