The Psalm of Siva's Glory

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Title:The Psalm of Siva's Glory



Editor:Dr. R. N. Tiwari

Publisher:Pilgrims Book House

Publish Year:1996

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back



Remarks:Sanskrit Text, Word to Word Meaning, and English Translation.


Size:140 x 215 mm


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  • The text of the present book is based on the publication of Sampurnananda University in the Laghu Granthamala series, part 40, first edition, with two commentaries, in Samvat 2041 Vikrama. The composer of this holy hymn, the Psalm of lord Siva, is known as Puspadanta, a Gandharva by a race. The traditional story runs that Puspadanta was a staunch devotee of Siva. He had gained the capacity to become invisible at will, by grace of the Lord. He used to pluck flowers from the garden of a King, using his power of invisibility. The king was very much surprised at the vigilance of the guards. He, too, was a profound devotee of Siva. In order to catch the thief of the flowers, he scattered Siva- nirmalya (the flowers taken off from the idol of the Lord) in the garden, in the hope that the thief would lose his capacity to disappear by trading on these flowers. Puspadanta trod on the flowers unknowingly, and lost his power of invisibility. In order to regain that lost power the composed this hymns to please the Lord. The story of Puspadanta occurs in Kathasaritsagara and Brihatkathamanjari.

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