Murder of Madhesh

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Title:Murder of Madhesh


Author:Ram Dayal Rakesh

Publisher:Safari Nepal

Publish Year:2007


Cover:Paper Back

Subject:History | Nepal History



Size:215 x 140 mm


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  • This book is the outcome of outburst of suppression, subjugation and social injustice and discrimination of the Madheshi people for last so many centuries. They have been crying for their fundamental rights but none of the ruler elites whether of Ranacracy, Panchayati autocracy, and even democratic Government listened to their genuine demands, let alone the solution of the problems facing the Madheshi community. Author's moto to publish this book is to internationalize this issue and attract the attention of international community who s not well acquainted with this problem yet. 

    Ram Dayal Rakesh

    Dr. Ram Dayal Rakesh is folklorist of Nepal. He contributed ot the comparative study between Nepali and Hindi literature. His field of folklore research aims to understand and solve the problems faced by Nepali women. He studied English at the University of Bihar and is graduate of a Hindu literature. He received his Master degree from Tribhuvan University in Nepal. He earned a doctorate with a comparative study of contemporary poetry Hindi and Nepali.

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