Buddhism: Its Essence and Development

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Title:Buddhism: Its Essence and Development


Author:Edward Conze

Publisher:Pilgrims Book House

Publish Year:1997

Edition:Reprint Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Religion | Buddhism | Philosophy | Spirituality / Spiritual | Social Science



Size:138 X 215 mm


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  • Based on a series of Oxford lectures delivered by a leading Buddhist scholar, this classic guide covers the entire range of Buddhist thought, including spirituality, doctrine, and basic assumptions.
    An expert on the subject who converted to Buddhism in the course of his studies. Dr. Conze introduces Buddhism as both religion and philosophy, and discusses its common ground with other faiths throughout the world. He contrasts monastic and popular Buddhism and defines old and new schools of thought, discussing sects and their practices, moral wisdom, and literary history.


    Edward Conze

    Edward Conze studied Indian and comparative philosophy at the universities of Bonn and Hamburg. He later lectured in psychology, philosophy, and comparative religion at Oxford, held a number of academic appointments, and served as Vice-President of the Buddhist Society. His many books includes Buddhist Texts Through the Ages.
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