Portraits of Himalayan Flowers

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Title:Portraits of Himalayan Flowers


Author:Toshio Yoshida

Publisher:Timber Press, Inc.

Publish Year:2002

Edition:Reprinted Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Natural History / Wildlife | Photographs


Remarks:Colour Photographs, Map, Bibliography and Index.


Size:208 x 303 mm


Price:USD 18.73

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  • This enchanting photo journal is the first pictorial book on Himalayan flowers covering the whole area from Pakistan and northwestern India through Tibet and Nepal to Bhutan. Large photos of diminutive flowers set against the backdrop of the large-scale surroundings of the Himalaya are supplemented by brief captions blending technical data from the author's field notes with personal observations. The result is a book that is as informative as it is inspiring.

    Toshio Yoshida

    Toshio Yoshida is a botanical photographer, amateur botanist, and associate researcher at the University Museum of the University of Tokyo, and a member of the Society of Himalayan Botany. Annual trips throughout the world, but especially to Himalayan countries, give him opportunities to study plants in their native habitats. His world-class photographs frequently show these plants from the pollinator's perspective.
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