Trekking Tibet- A Traveler's Guide

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Title:Trekking Tibet- A Traveler's Guide


Author:Gary McCue

Publisher:The Mountaineers Books

Publish Year:2010


Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Trek/Travel/Travel account | Guide Books



Size:8.5 x 5.6 x 0.8 inch


Price:USD 41.24

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  • Discover the natural wonders, hospitable people, and ancient traditions of the largest plateau on Earth. Trekking is the best and the only way to experience Tibet's legendary snow capped mountains, lush forests, fertile valleys, and rich, vibrant culture. And this is the trekking guidebook for Tibet, covering everything from single day treks to multi-day expeditions. With this indispensable guide, learn the necessities of pretrip planning and how to seek out the most rewarding treks in a region of the world few to get visit. In-depth chapters on natural history, language, and the people and their culture prepare you for an amazing adventure.

    Trekking Tibet features include:

    • Thoroughly updated route descriptions and all new maps
    • New Treks to each of the four great river sources near Mount Kailash
    • Details on a newly opened route from West Tibet to Simikot, Nepal
    • New Chapter on Trekking the famed pilgrimage routes at khawa Karpo
    • Expended section on the stunning Dege region

    Gary McCue

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