Tales from the Indian Jungle

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Title:Tales from the Indian Jungle


Author:Kenneth Anderson

Publisher:Rupa Publications

Publish Year:2001

Edition:Reprinted Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Non Fiction


Remarks:B&W Illustrations.


Size:138 x 215 mm


Price:USD 3.67

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  • Ace hunter and wildlife chronicler Kenneth Anderson recalls real-life juingle tales, some macabre and some incredible, of adventures in pursuit of man-eating tigers and leopards. He brings the animal and human characters alive against the background of the jungle and the excitement and danger their co-existence generates.

    Contents : 
    Ghooming at Dawn
    The Bellundur Ogre
    The Aristocrat of Amligola
    The assassin of Diguvametta
    Tales of the Supernatural
    The Strange Case of the Gerhetti Leopard
    The Lakkavalli Man-Eater
    What the Thunderstorm Brought

    Kenneth Anderson

    Kenneth Anderson hailed from a Scottish family settled in India for six generations. His love for the denizens of Indian jungle led him to big game hunting and eventually to writing real life adventure stories. His books are hailed as classic of jungle lore.
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