Heroes and Builders of Nepal

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Title:Heroes and Builders of Nepal


Author:Rishikesh Shaha

Publisher:Book Faith India

Publish Year:1998


Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Nepal History



Size:200 x 125 mm


Price:USD 2.35

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  • This book is about the some of the historical heroes and builders of Nepal. In this book, the author has described about the different famous personalities of Nepal who have contributed a lot in making this nation as it is now. Nepal's history extends over a period of more than two thousand years and in its long history dynasties have risen and fallen and various people have become dominant at different times. In this book, he has mentioned about the Lichchavi, Thakuri, Malla and lastly the Shah dynasty have played their parts. People like the Kirats, Newars and Khasa Kshatris, Magars and the Gurung have moulded the pattern of Nepali culture according to their own genius. 
    It has been divided into two broad sections, first is ancient and medieval heroes and second with builders of modern Nepal. 

    Rishikesh Shaha

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