Birds of Sagarmatha

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Title:Birds of Sagarmatha


Author:Suchit Basnet

Publisher:Bird Conservation Nepal
WWF Nepal Program

Publish Year:2004

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Flora / Fauna


Remarks:B&W Illustrations and Map.


Size:143 x 217 mm


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  • This systematic list provides all the confirmed bird records from Sagarmatha National Park and follows the order from Inskipp et al. (1996). It is based on the birdlist from Inskipp (1998) from the Ibisbill Journal No. 1 August 1998, published by Bird Conservation Nepal. The new bird records are derived from the BCN newsletters and several unpublished notes (see references). A total of 194 bird species including residents and migrants families of the world. The birds recorded only within the National Park Muscicapidae (34 species) closely followed by Sylviidae(23), Fringillidae(20), Accipitridae(15), Passeridae(16) and Anatidae(12).

    Suchit Basnet

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