Birds of Koshi

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Title:Birds of Koshi


Author:Hem Sagar Baral

Publisher:Bird Conservation Nepal
Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation

Publish Year:2005

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Flora / Fauna


Remarks:B&W Photographs and Map.


Size:145 x 217 mm


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  • The avifaunal diversity that Koshi possesses is unparalleled in Nepal and is one of the finest birding sites in Asia. Koshi contributes to be the hub of birdwatchers from all over the world with starting discovery of new and rare species almost every year. It was the first and only Ramsar Sites of Nepal until 2003. This systematic list provides all the confirmed bird records from Koshi Tappu and Koshi Barrage. A total of 485 bird species including resistents and migrants has been listed represent 61 bird families of the world. The most numerous birds come from the Muscicapidae (44 species) closely followed by Accipitridae (42 species), Sylviidae (40), Corvidae (31), Passeridae (31), Anatidae (28) and Scolopacidae (20). 

    This List can be used as a permanent record of species which you see at Koshi. Please send all reports to BCN. Finally, we hope the list will be of good use for advocacy, write up, policy makers or when you are birding at Koshi.

    Hem Sagar Baral

    Hem Sagar Baral was born in the far lowlands of eastern Nepal and on the edge of the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Spending his childhood in the lowland jungles of the Terai, Hem developed an early interest in birds and wildlife. When he left school, his ornithological expertise and enthusiasm gained him a place as a full time naturalist at Royal Chitwan National Park. During his four years there, Hem impressed many groups with his knowledge and manner. He left Chitwan to complete a diploma in geology at Tribhuvan University and continued to lead many groups whilst studying. He has trekked in several areas of Nepal and has served in important posts of Bird Conservation Nepal - most recently as its President. He has extensively studied birdlife in Nepal - especially the lowland grassland birds. He is awarded a PhD for his work on the lowland grassland birds in Nepal. He is the first and only Nepalese ornithologist with a PhD. He has been editing Nepal's first and only quarterly ornithological bulletin Danphe and also the journal Ibisbill since 1992. In the past he has worked as a volunteer warden for RSPB in Scotland, BirdLife International, IUCN-Nepal and on other conservation projects. Hem has found four new species of grassland birds for Nepal; Jerdon’s Babbler, Finn’s Weaver, Singing Lark and Moustached Warbler. Hem is a founding member of Nature Safari Tours and has written several papers and books on avifauna and their conservation in Nepal.
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