Zen in the Art of Helping

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Title:Zen in the Art of Helping


Author:David Brandon

Publisher:Penguin Books

Publish Year:1990

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Religion | Zen | Social Science




Size:128 x 198 mm


Price:USD 5.20

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  • This book is two parts professional autobiography, one part Zen and one part politics. The author provides us with concise and direct commentary on a variety of quotes from his bibliography and anecdotes from his career in UK social services, adopting throughout a deeply personal and almost radically anti-professional tone. The political analysis points to ideological kinship with such left authors and thinkers as Ivan Illich, whom the reader should consult if further interested in counter-bureaucratic socialist thought. All in all, there are more powerful and original texts on either of the main points of the book, but it remains a valuable personal account of the nearly impossible task of reconciling an "eastern" mindset with western institutional and social contexts and practices. On a sideline, we are offered a short description of his ) enlightenment experience, and a Buddha reference finally illuminates the ending of the wonderful "The Dice Man". What more could one ask?

    David Brandon

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