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The Inner Chapters: The Classic Taoist Text

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Title:The Inner Chapters: The Classic Taoist Text


Author:Chuang Tzu

Editor:Solala Towler

Publisher:Watkins Publishing

Publish Year:2010

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Taoism | Spirituality / Spiritual


Remarks:B&W Photographs and Bibliography.


Size:197 x 276 mm


Price:USD 12.65

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  • The writings of Chuang Tzu stand alongside the Tao Te Ching as foundational classics of Taoism. Dating back to the fourth century BC, The Inner Chapter is full of fantastical tales that both entertain and provide guidance on living a good life-a gigantic fish that becomes a bird, a cook who never sharpens his blade, a magical being who lives in the mountains, and more. And now this heirloom edition preserves all the puns, riddles, and even jokes alongside stunning photographs that capture the tranquility of Chinese thought.

    Chuang Tzu

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