Predictive Planets and Presaging

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Title:Predictive Planets and Presaging


Author:V.K. Subramanian

Publisher:Abhinav Publications

Publish Year:2001

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back



Remarks:B&W Illustrations and Appendices.


Size:148 x 222 mm


Price:USD 7.92

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  • This is a unique book, dealing lucidly with the fascinating predictive sciences of Astrology and Palmistry in a single volume. Profusely illustrated, the book highlights the differences between Western and Hindu systems of Astrology and explains the Hindu art of predicting, giving valuable information on the methodology of predictions, the planets, the signs of the zodiac and on hands and what they reveal. The book also explains the rationale of Astrology and Palmistry against the background of the Fatalism vs. Free Will Controversy.

    V.K. Subramanian

    VADAKAYMADOM KRISHNA IYER SUBRAMANIAN is an eminent scholar, whose life mission is to present to the world the treasures of ancient India, in the fields of art, literature, philosophy and religion. A retired officer of the Indian Audit and Accounts Service, Subramanian is also a reputed painter, who has held 22 one-man shows and whose paintings have won wide acclaim from leading art critics of India. Presently he lives in the United States of America.
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