Nostradamus and Beyond: Visions of Yuga-Sandhi

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Title:Nostradamus and Beyond: Visions of Yuga-Sandhi


Author:N. S. Rajaram

Publisher:Rupa & Co.

Publish Year:2002

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back




Size:130 x 197 mm


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  • The world today is experiencing the period of yuga-sandhi – the junction of two ages that marks the historical transformation from one dharmic world to another. The current period is one of stress, turmoil and degeneration, evident in all we see around us. The sages and prophets of yore had the strength of vision to predict many notable developments that occurred in contemporary times. The most famous prophecies are those of Nostradamus’s, but equally impressive are the predictions of Indian sages, especially those of Vira Brahmendra Yogi, a contemporary of Nostradamus.

    This book reveals some of the predictions of these sages, seemingly vague and mysterious, but surprisingly understandable and valid once placed against the background of a specific historical context.

    N. S. Rajaram

    Dr N.S. Rajaram is a mathematician, linguist and historian who spent more than twenty years in the United States as a researcher at several universities and high technology organizations including NASA. For the last ten years he has been an independent researcher and author working on ancient civilizations, especially the Vedic and Harappan periods. He is the author of Vedic Aryans and the Origins of Civilization (with David Frawley), now in its third edition, as well as the author of The Deciphered Indus Script (with N. Jha). He has deciphered some of the world’s most ancient writing, showing it to be related to the Rigveda. The author of more than ten books on history, civilization and world religions, he is also the founder of the Bangalore based cultural foundation, Naimisha Research Foundation, which is internationally known for its path-breaking programmes.
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