Vaastu Shaastra: An Ancient Technological Treatise

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Title:Vaastu Shaastra: An Ancient Technological Treatise


Author:Reena Patra


Publish Year:2013


Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Vastu Shastra | Spirituality / Spiritual


Remarks:Charts, Glossary of Sanskrit Terms and References.


Size:138 x 216 mm


Price:USD 3.15

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  • In Vaastu Shaastra: An Ancient Technological Treatise, the author discusses the principles of design and construction from a scientific and philosophical viewpoint, which is much more elaborate and informative than how it is portrayed in the modern times. This book provides a deep insight into all aspects of Vaastu Shaastra including typology, form, aesthetics, materials of construction, and proportionate measurement. This book, unlike most other books on Vaastu Shaastra, treats the subject not as a set of rigid rules and directives, but as a complete and comprehensive program on design and development. This book will make for an ideal read for those interested to know about Vaastu Shaastra.

    Reena Patra

    Reena Patra is an Indian author and one of the leading Vaastu Shaastra experts in India.
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