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Feng Shui for Your Body: The Care and Feeding of Your CHI

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Title:Feng Shui for Your Body: The Care and Feeding of Your CHI


Author:Skye Alexander

Publisher:Wisdom Tree

Publish Year:2013

Edition:Reprinted Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Feng Shui



Size:150 x 149 mm


Price:USD 3.12

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  • You don't have to be an ancient Chinese philosopher to understand and cultivate chi----if you've ever had acupuncture or done yoga, you've taken care of your chi! Feng Shui, the world's most popular way to organize and decorate for success, can be applied to the body with simple tips that create better health and a successful, happier life. And nurturing your chi is easier than you think. In this practical and insightful book, best­selling author Skye Alexander gives you myriad tips to strengthen your vitality:

    • Take advantage of proper posture and breathing methods to quickly and easily relieve tension.
    • Drink a glass of red wine with dinner to enhance your absorption of beneficial chi.
    • Find instant relaxation and improve the flow of chi in your body with simple at-home spa techniques.
    • Learn which scent can help you lose weight and alleviate headaches!

    With The Care and Feeding of Your Chi in hand, you will have the power to enhance your wellbeing, happiness, and personal growth for a long and healthy life. 


    Skye Alexander

    Skye Alexander is the author of 10-Minute Feng Sbui, 10-Minute Crystal Ball, 10-Minute Magic spells, 10-Minute Tarot, Magickal Astrology, Planets in Signs, and the mystery novel Hidden Agenda. A contributing author to Your Birthday Sign Through Time, Love Signs and You, A Taste of Murder, Undertow, Mystery in Mind, and AstroMysteries, she has also written for numerous magazines, news­papers, TV, and radio. She lives in Massachusetts with her cat, Domino.
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