History of Nepal

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Title:History of Nepal


Author:Daniel Wright

Publisher:Adarsh Books

Publish Year:1990


Cover:Hard Back With Dust Jacket

Subject:History | Nepal History



Size:240 x 160 mm


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  • This work is an introductory sketch of the country of Nepal, and does to aim to be an exhaustive account of the country. A part of this book is the text of the translation of the Nepali chronicle called Parbatiya, and was translated by Mir Munshi Shew (Shiv) Shunkar Singh and Pandit Gunananda. The book is in two parts : the first is about the area where the British were allowed access to, and the second is on the history of the entire country - from mythological times till the 1870's. The book covers topics like the geography, ethnology, castes and tribes, historical events, the politics, the Gupta dynasty of Ne Muni, Sunyasri Misra, Shankracarya visit to Nepal, founding of Kathmandu, Rajput dynasties, Ran Malla, king of Banepa, taking of Kathmandu by the Gorkhas, history and rise of the Gurkhas, the Gurkha dynasties, etc. 

    Daniel Wright

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