A Guide to the Birds of Nepal

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Title:A Guide to the Birds of Nepal


Author:Carol Inskipp
Tim Inskipp

Publisher:Smithsonian Institution Press

Publish Year:1985

Edition:First Smithsonian Edition

Cover:Hard Back With Dust Jacket

Subject:Natural History / Wildlife


Remarks:B&W Illustrations and Colour photographs, Maps, Bibliography and Index. As New. Dust jacket. A small tear on front top and slightly rubbed. Besides these no any marks, tears, worn outs or damages. The book is as like new. Authors' Signed Copy.


Size:194 x 254 mm


Price:USD 500.00

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  • Provides information on the 836 bird species found in Nepal. Breeding, habitat, behaviour and range are all covered in detail with special emphasis being given to the Himalayas. The book also contains data on those species whose breeding behaviour is little known.

    Carol Inskipp

    Tim Inskipp works as a wildlife consultant on a freelance basis. Field Guide to the Birds of Nepal is another book by him. Tim Inskipp continues to travel throughout Asia, amassing information on birds of that region.

    Tim Inskipp

    Carol Inskipp is also a wildlife consultant. A few of the other books written by her are Killer Whale, Nature For People, and Improving Our Environment: Waste and Recycling.
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