The Inner Life of Krishnamurti: Private Passion and Perennial Wisdom

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Title:The Inner Life of Krishnamurti: Private Passion and Perennial Wisdom


Author:Aryel Sanat

Publisher:Pilgrims Publishing

Publish Year:1999

Edition:Reprinted Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Spirituality / Spiritual | Biography | J. Krishnamurti


Remarks:Bibliography and Index.


Size:137 x 211 mm


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  • Aryel Sanat's meticulously researched and cogently argued exploration of Krishnamurti's inner life and experiences explodes a number of popular myths about Krishnamurti, particularly that he denied the existence of the Theosophical Masters and disdained the esoteric side of the spiritual path. Rather, Sanat persuasively demonstrates, Krishnamurti had a rich and intense esoteric life. Moreover, the truths of the Ancient Wisdom, as revealed through the Masters, were a reality to Krishnamurti every day of his life, from his boyhood until his death.

    The real story of Krishnamurti's inner life is shown to have critical implications for our understanding of Krishnamurti's life and ideas and for our views of Theosophy, Buddhism, the teachings of Gurdjieff---indeed, the entirety of contemporary spiritual thought.

    Aryel Sanat

    Aryel Sanat (Miguel Angel Sanabria) has lectured and written on Krishnamurti since 1964. He currently adjunct Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at the American University in Washington, D.C. He lives in Arlington, Vergina.
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