Reinhold Messner Free Spirit: A Climber's Life

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Title:Reinhold Messner Free Spirit: A Climber's Life


Author:Reinhold Messner

Editor:Jill Neate

Publisher:The Mountaineers Books

Publish Year:1991

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Autobiography / Memoirs | Mountaineering / Climbing


Remarks:B&W and Colour Photographs, Maps and Index.


Size:177 x 254 mm


Price:USD 175.00

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  • He is known as one of history's greats Himalayan mountaineers, a man who pushed back the frontiers of the possible for a whole generation of climbers. In his revealing autobiography Reinhold Messner reflects on his remarkable career. His story is more than a recounting of "firsts." Here Messner reveals the forces and events that have shaped him as an individual and as a climber--including his brother's tragic death on Nanga Parbat in 1970.Messner takes us from the days of his first climb of the Sass Rigais in the Dolomites with his father at age 5 to his later turning away from the overcrowded Alps and 8,000 meter-peaks to find fulfillment in the remoter parts of the world and in crossing the wastes of Antarctica. In between emerges the man as famous for his disciplined approach as for his innovative spirit. Messner evolved his philosophy of the single free-climbing line with its uncompromising purity of style in the Dolomites and, as equipment and technique developed, he was in the forefront of the transference of fast lightweight alpine methods to the great ranges. "Reinhold Messner: Free Spirit" puts the career of a mountain pioneer in full perspective.


    Reinhold Messner

    Reinhold Messner is the world's greatest mountaineer. After serving his apprenticeship in the Alps and Dolomites, he climbed in the Andes, North America and New Guinea before starting on his quest to climb all the world's 8,000-metre peaks, a feat which he completed in 1986. He has since completed a traverse of the Antarctic and now lectures throughout the world on his exploits.
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