Dispatches From The People's War In Nepal

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Title:Dispatches From The People's War In Nepal


Author:Li Onesto

Publisher:Heritage Publishers

Publish Year:2006


Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Conflict/War/Military | Nepal Politics | Nepal War and Conflict



Size:215 x 140 mm


Price:USD 12.59

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  • A Maoist revolution has been raging in Nepal since 1996. In 1999, Li Onesto became the first foreign journalist to travel deep into the guerrilla zones of the Himalayan country. Allowed unprecedented access, shew interviewed political leaders, guerrilla fighters, villagers in area under Maoist control, and relatives of those killed by Government forces. This book is the result of her journey. Illustrated with photographs, it provides an invaluable analysis of the social and economic conditions that have fuelled the revolution and profiles some of the key involved. Onesto had analyzed this in the context of broader international situation and the war of terrorism. 

    Li Onesto

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