A Necklace of Good Fortune

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Title:A Necklace of Good Fortune


Author:Geshe Lam Rim

Publisher:Library of Tibetan Works and Archives

Publish Year:1997

Edition:Reprint Edition

Cover:Paper Back





Size:142 x 216 mm


Price:USD 1.20

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  • A Necklace of Good Fortune which propounds the Buddhist theory of Karma and past and future lives carries a rare significance uncommon among such writings. Lucid and sincere in his approach and analysis, A Necklace of Good Fortune stands out at the same time as the spiritual and political testimony of the true courage of a Tibetan Buddhist monk who single handily challenged the formidable censorship of Mao's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in Tibet and defied the Chinese anti-religion propaganda with a scientific religious work that is at once bold and inspiring.Geshe Lam Rim is one of those Tibetan Buddhist monks who, even under the abusive and oppressive times of the Cultural Revolution and subsequent imprisonment by the Chinese, courageously withstood the terrors of the Chinese occupation with his undying faith in the Buddha and the Tibetan Buddhist heritage.

    Geshe Lam Rim

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