Ladakh: The Land & The People

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Title:Ladakh: The Land & The People


Author:Prem Singh Jina

Publisher:Indus Publishing Company

Publish Year:1996

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:History | Ladakh | Religion | India


Remarks:B&W Illustrations, Annexure, Bibliography and Index.


Size:145 x 225 mm


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  • Ladakh situated in the Himalayas on the far northern frontiers of India is one of the coldest regions in the world It was completely inaccessible relatively being isolated among its high mountains and often politically closed-off For about six months every year it remains cut-off from the rest of India The road over the Zojila is blocked due to heavy snowfall The fields are frozen at this time and nothing can be grown People pass their time by doing handicraft work and arranging feasts and festivalsMany nomadic tribes migrated through high Himalayan region towards 2nd and mid 3rd millennium BC Buddhism was first carried to Ladakh by Mons and Dards during 2nd century AD Later after 9th century Mongolians of Tibetan origin strengthened Buddhism in Ladakh Ladakh has a unique Buddhist culture which cannot be seen in any other part of IndiaLadakhs proximity to Central Asia Tibet and the silk route turned it into a major gateway in the Indo-Central Asia for exchange of men and materials Numerous caravan routes that converged near Leh acted as the channels of communication between India and Central AsiaThe present study seeks to discuss varied aspects of Ladakh such as regional geography flora and fauna history ancient races rock carvings and sculptures social customs religion and society Buddhism trade and economy and transport and communication system Thus the past and present study will help the readers to know much more about this magnificent land. 

    Prem Singh Jina

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