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Bliss: Living Beyond Happiness and Misery

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Title:Bliss: Living Beyond Happiness and Misery



Publisher:Penguin Ananda

Publish Year:2016

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Spirituality / Spiritual | Osho



Size:130 x 197 mm


Price:USD 6.40

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  • Everyone is searching for happiness, says Osho, but because they are looking in the wrong direction – outside – no one ever really finds it. Real happiness, bliss, can only be found inside, by learning the knack of dis–identifying with the mind.

    This book on the ancient wisdom of the Shiva Sutras explains how to do this. These sutras will challenge your ideas about how life can be lived, revealing how bliss is already hidden within the waking, dreaming and sleeping states we all experience daily. Osho shows how to detach from the desires and attachments of the mind that trap everyone during this life – beginning to be human only happens when you get out of this vicious circle called mind. 


    Osho, known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, continues to inspire millions of people worldwide in their search to define a new approach to individual spirituality that is self-directed and responsive to the everyday challenges of contemporary life. The Sunday Times of London named him one of the '1,000 Makers of the Twentieth Century,' and novelist Tom Robbins called him 'the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ.
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