Jewellery of Scripture

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Title:Jewellery of Scripture


Author:Rin-Chen-Gru Bu-Ston

Editor:Eugene Obermiller

Publisher:Paljor Publicaions Pvt. Ltd.

Publish Year:200

Edition:First Indian Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Religion | Buddhism | Arts | Tibetan History


Remarks:Notes and Index. With an Introduction by Prof. Th. Stcherbatsky


Size:146 x 225 mm


Price:USD 4.71

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  • The History of Buddhism in India and Tibet by the great scholar Buston Rinchen grub-pa, aslo called Budon Rinpoche, is held in great esteem by Tibetan and Mongolian learned lams. It is distinguished from the work of Taranatha by the plan of its composition. It consists of three parts. This history proper is precede by a systematical review of the whole of Buddhist literature so far as preserved in Tibet and it is followed by a systematical catalogue of works, authors and translations of all the literature contained in the Kanjur and Tanjur collections. The first Part is of an overwhelming scientifically value. It represents a synthesis of everything which directly or remotely bears the stamps of Buddhism

    Rin-Chen-Gru Bu-Ston

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