Inspirational Scroll – print of “The Thousand-armed Buddha”

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Title:Inspirational Scroll – print of “The Thousand-armed Buddha”

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Category:Inspirational Scrolls

Remarks:• Inspirational wall scroll. • Scroll with description of “The Thousand-armed Buddha”. • Printed on handmade paper from Nepal. Biodegradable paper and environmental friendly coloring. • The scroll is attached to bamboo sticks.

Size:19 x 36 cm


Price:USD 5.50

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  • Avalakiteswara, The Thousand-armed Buddha, is represented with eleven heads and one thousand arms. Each of his arms has an eye in the centre of the palm which symbolizes union of wisdom (the eyes) and skillful means (the hands). 

    This inspirational scroll is made of traditional Nepalese paper, popularly known as "rice paper", which was originally made of lokta bark found in remote areas of the country. Vibrant colors and handmade lokta paper make this “The Thousand-armed Buddha” scroll a must for any home. 
    The paper is handmade and hand-dyed in Nepal and is subject to slight variation in color and thickness making each piece unique.
    The scroll is attached to two bamboo sticks which makes it hang nicely on any wall and gives an authentic effect. 

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