The Joy of Living and Dying in Peace

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Title:The Joy of Living and Dying in Peace


Author:Dalai Lama

Editor:Donald S. Lopez

Publisher:Library of Tibetan Works and Archives

Publish Year:2104

Edition:Reprint Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Buddhism | Philosophy | Spirituality / Spiritual



Size:140 x 216 mm


Price:USD 4.06

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  • The Joy of Living and Dying in Peace underscores the importance of "practice" -- of awareness through meditation, compassion, patience, and effort -- in lending rich and joyous meaning to this lifetime and so to our passage to the next. His Holiness the Dalai Lama offers his thoughts on achieving a meaningful life and death. At the heart of his eloquent presentation is this lesson: by cultivating compassion, wisdom and positive thought and action -- in short, by living a good life-- we can approach death without fear or regret, and welcome our passage and rebirth. He teaches that the way to a peaceful death is to live a meaningful life by practicing love and compassion. The book also provides straightforward lessons on how to embrace death and impermanence, which ultimately leads to a life of peace, joy and spiritual fulfillment.


    Dalai Lama

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