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Puja and Samskara

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Title:Puja and Samskara


Author:Musashi Tachikawa
Shoun Hino
Lalita Deodhar

Publisher:Motilal Banarsidass Publishers

Publish Year:2006

Edition:Reprint Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Anthropology/ Sociology | Religion | Hinduism


Remarks:B&W Illustrations and Photographs, Appendix, Abbreviation and Bibliography.


Size:165 x 250 mm


Price:USD 7.95

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  • This book treats two representative Hindu rituals of contemporary India, Puja (offering service) and Samskara (initiation rituals at important occasions of life). Samskara rites are performed at significant junctures of an individual`s life, from birth to death, by the individual`s family. Puja rites, rather than being performed in relation to the life cycle of an individual in a family, are more deeply related to the annual rituals of the cult to which an individual or the person`s family belongs. Persons may go to a temple and request priests to perform puja rites, or they may perform them themselves at home. For people living in India, Puja and Samskara are not at all uncommon. Puja rites are performed everywhere-at temples, in private homes, on street corners-and although in recent times families observing all the traditional Samskara rites have declined in number, almost all Hindu families still perform the major Samskaras. it is difficult, however, for those living outside India to know how these rites are performed. Hence, this book presents a large number of photographs that enable readers to gain an accurate grasp of them and indicates the place of ritual in the total structure of religion.

    Musashi Tachikawa

    Musashi Tachikawa is a Professor at the National Museum of ethnology in Osaka. Japan. His publication include the structure of the world of Udayana's Realism, Five hundred Buddhist deities, Three hundred sixty Hindu deities.

    Shoun Hino

    Prof. Shoun Hino is professor of Gifu Pharm University (Japan). He is Ph.D. of Poona University and did his M.A. under Prof. Tachikawa's guidance at Nagoya University.

    Lalita Deodhar

    Dr. Lalita Deodhar is assistant editor of Sanskrit Dictionary Project at Deccan College Research Institute (Pune). She is Ph.D. of Poona University and was a contemporary of Prof. Hino during her postgraduate studies. She is from the Natus and a heroine of Samskaras presented here, Vivaha in particular.
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