The Portals in Newar Architecture: Tiered Temples in Nepal, 13th to 19th Centuries

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Title:The Portals in Newar Architecture: Tiered Temples in Nepal, 13th to 19th Centuries


Author:Niels Gutschow

Publisher:Himal Books

Publish Year:2016

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Nepal | Architecture / Interior / Furniture


Remarks:B&W Illustrations and Bibliography.


Size:394 x 241 mm


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  • Since at least the 5th century CE, the Newars have created a unique urban culture in the Valley of Kathmandu, A rich and readily distinguishable typology of architecture developed which reached its climax within the hundred years from 1650 to 1750. A rare topographical and political constellation ensured that the townscape was preserved until the early 20th century, although the Kingdoms of the Malla dynasty, centering on Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur, were conquered and integrated into a lager Nepal in 1768. Two devastating earthquakes in 1934 and 2015 caused the loss of much of the historic architecture, but many buildings survive, waiting to be studied by the coming generation of historians of architecture. 

    Contents: Foreword, Introduction

    Case Studies:

    • Indresvara Temple, Panauti
    • Unmatta Bhairava Temple, Panauti
    • Yaksesvara Temple, Bhaktapur
    • Car Narayana (Jagannatha) Temple, Kathmandu
    • Car Narayana Temple, Patan
    • Krsna Temple, Bhaktapur
    • Gokarnesvara Temple, Gokarna 
    • Pasupatinatha, Deopatan
    • Cangu Narayana
    • Taleju Temple, Kathmandu
    • Kumbhesvara Temple, Patan
    • Tripuresvara Temple, Kathmandu
    • Bibliography


    Niels Gutschow

    Gutschow was born in 1941 in Hamburg, and currently lives in Abtsteinach, Germany and Bhaktapur, Nepal. He is an honorary professor at the University of Heidelberg, South Asia Institute. 

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