Ayurvedic Astrology: Self-healing Through the Stars

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Title:Ayurvedic Astrology: Self-healing Through the Stars


Author:Dr. David Frawley

Publisher:Motilal Banarsidass Publishers

Publish Year:2016

Edition:Reprint Edition

Cover:Paper Back



Remarks:B&W Illustrations, Charts, Appendix, Glossary, Bibliography and Index.


Size:140 x 215 mm


Price:USD 5.20

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  • Vedic Astrology is an ancient science which is both universal and timeless. This vast body of knowledge encompasses all earthly phenomena past, present and future. It is based on the laws of nature which expresses the unity within the diversity of life, and support the idea
    of an underlying intelligence governing all things with great precision and compassion. It seeks to impart to mankind a tool with which to
    understand and live in greater harmony with nature, to maximize opportunities for growth and minimize suffering.

    It is the study of the subtle energies emanating from the sky upon people, plants, animals and the Earth itself. These energies influence the human body and mind on all levels.

    Dr. Frawley has written numerous books on Astrology, Ayurveda, Yoga, Mantra and Meditation all of which are significantly relevant to those wanting to learn and practice these ancient Vedic sciences. His current volume "Ayurvedic Astrology" shows how these two sciences of
    life and light fit together and can be used in harmony to provide a greater understanding and deeper application of each. The book addresses both the predictive and treatment sides of both systems with clarity and precision.

    Ayurvedic Medicine represents the healing branch of yogic science, while Vedic astrology provides its understanding of time and karma. Ayurvedic Astrology teaches the interface of these two extraordinary systems in the Vedic astrology of healing. The book explains how the different mind-body and planetary types of the two systems interrelate. It examines disease factors from an astrological perspective and goes into depth into astrological remedial measures, particularly gem therapy. It also contains many notable example charts.

    Dr. David Frawley

    Dr. David Frawley (or Pandit Vāmadeva Śāstrī वामदेव शास्त्री) is a Vedic teacher and educator who is the author of over thirty books in several Vedic and Yogic fields published worldwide over the past thirty years. He is the founder and director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies (www.vedanet.com), which offers on-line courses and publications on Ayurvedic medicine, Yoga, mantra and meditation, and Vedic astrology. He is involved in important research into ancient Vedic texts and is a well known modern exponent of Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma. He has a rare D.Litt in Yoga and is a recipient of the prestigious Padma Bhushan award, one of India's highest civilian awards for "distinguished service of a higher order." His work is highly respected in traditional circles in India, as well as influential in the West, where he is involved in many Vedic and Yogic schools, ashrams and associations.
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