The Path of the Buddha: Buddhism Interpreted by Buddhists

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Title:The Path of the Buddha: Buddhism Interpreted by Buddhists


Author:Kenneth W Morgan

Publisher:Motilal Banarsidass Publishers

Publish Year:1986

Edition:First Indian Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Buddhism | Philosophy


Remarks:Bibliography, Glossary and Index.


Size:146 x 222 mm


Price:USD 7.53

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  • This book presents Buddhism from the Buddhist point of view. It is an earnest attempt of eleven devout Buddhist scholar s to describe the beliefs and practices of the Buddhist world twenty-five centuries after the Buddha. The need for such a book grew out of conversations among fellows of the National Council of UAS on Religion in Higher Education. It was agreed that a fuller understanding of the leading non-Christian religions requires books written by men speaking from the point of view of their own faiths, and edited by a Westerner to make the meaning clear to readers brought up in the Greek-Hebrew-Christian Tradition. Bhikhu J.Kashyap of India has contributed the first chapter on the origin and expansion of Buddhism. U.Thittila of Rengoon wrote the second chapter on the fundamental principles of the Theravada Buddhism. Balangoda Ananda Maitreya of Ceylon who wrote the third chapter was recommended as a man who can speak for all Thravada countries.

    Kenneth W Morgan

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