Where Mountains Casts Its Shadow : The Personal Costs of Climbing

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Title:Where Mountains Casts Its Shadow : The Personal Costs of Climbing


Author:Maria Coffey


Publish Year:2003

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Hard Back




Size:160 x 240 mm


Price:USD 11.45

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  • Maria Coffey confronted one of the harshest realities of mountaineering when her partner Joe Tasker disappeared on the Northeast Ridge of Everest in 1982. In Where the Mountain Casts Its Shadow, Coffey offers an intimate portrait of adventure and the conflicting beauty, passion, and devastation of this alluring obsession. Through interviews with the world's top climbers, or their widows and families-Jim Wickwire, Conrad Anker, Lynn Hill, Joe Simpson, Chris Bonington, Ed Viesturs, Anatoli Boukreev, Alex Lowe, and many others-she explores what compels men and women to give their lives to the high mountains. She asks why, despite the countless tragedies, the world continues to laud their exploits. With an insider's understanding, Coffey reveals the consequences of loving people who pursue such risk-the exhilarating highs and inevitable lows, the stress of long separations, the constant threat of bereavement, and the lives shattered in the wake of climbing accidents.

    Maria Coffey

    Maria Coffey's writing career began in 1989 with the publication of Fragile Edge: A Personal Portrait of Loss on Everest (Chatto
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