Daily Health in the Indian Ayurvedic System

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Title:Daily Health in the Indian Ayurvedic System


Author:Dr. Aja Thomas


Publish Year:1985

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back



Remarks:Bibliography and About the Author.


Size:141 x 213 mm


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  • Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of health and medicine. Literally, Ayurveda means knowledge (veda) of life (ayuh). It was, and is, therefore, not just a system of healing, but also daily preventative health for the body, mind, and soul. Even more than this, it is a system which can incorporate into it all forms and levels of healing modalities.

    Ayurveda is an adjunct to the original Vedas or holy scriptures of the Indian subcontinent, which are the basis for the entire ancient cultural civilization of that region. They encompassed not only the religion and philosophy, but their politics, military, science, language, art, theatre, etc. In one sense, Ayurveda make up all of these sciences
    since by the very definition of the word Ayurveda, they are all "sciences of life".

    Dr. Aja Thomas

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