Why Do the Body Parts Vibrate? What Do They Say?

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Title:Why Do the Body Parts Vibrate? What Do They Say?


Author:Swami Adgadanandji

Publisher:Shri Paramhans Swami Adgadanandji

Publish Year:1998

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Indian Philosophy


Remarks:B&W Illustrations.


Size:140 x 215 mm


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  • Prologue

    The Supreme Being can speak from all places and corners, such as, through trees, through rocks, through water and soil, through firmament, animals and birds, mountains and rivers, animates and inanimates, thus He can always provide his directions. His decorated brilliance is His ubiquitous sovereignity. The complete creation, effected upon sound-vision-mind and all sense organs is the mechanical means of his ability. When he becomes the inspirational beloved to the perplexed, the seekers and the devotees, then he conducts his actions through and from all places.

    Six of the glides that form the part of innumerable streams of the accentuales of the supreme Being have been enunciated in the articulations of the exalted personages. One of the above includes the vibration of body parts, which with dynamic experience, has been rendered in the present book. In this refined circulatory world of self-realization the words "the eternal essence supreme Being" and "the enlightened Guru" are synonyms. In effect the Supreme Being can fashion to propagate His perspicuous directions through any medium for views the life after life conducts of a man through an eternal drape, but a seeker, who is set on to tread the path of self-realization, shall contemplate the directions provided through the vibration of body parts as related to his auspicious want i.e. attainment of Final.

    Swami Adgadanandji

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