Ethics in Early Buddhism

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Title:Ethics in Early Buddhism


Author:David J. Kalupahana

Publisher:Motilal Banarsidass Publishers

Publish Year:2008

Edition:First Indian Edition

Cover:Hard Back

Subject:Buddhism | Philosophy


Remarks:Notes, Glossary, Bibliography and Index.


Size:146 x 224 mm


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  • This book, through extensive textual study, explores the Buddhas and Buddhism uncomprising and unflinching emphasis on the centrality of ethics as against any attempts to causally relate moral perfection to stereological or eschatological goal. What is most admirable about Buddhism is that it integrates the vertical development of human consciousness, for which the other is the necessary condition, with the gradual development of morality. In brief, Buddhism is about overcoming of suffering, the greatest evil, through ethicization of human consciousness and conduct, which also takes care of the ethicization of the society and the universe. Besides, some of the essays of this book explore many other themes like Buddhist epistemology, nature of self, time, and interculturality.

    David J. Kalupahana

    David Kalupahana is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hawaii. .......most significant is the manner in which the author proceeded to examine the subtle and complex metaphysical issues that blinded the sarvastivadins and the Sautrantikas in a background in which speculative philosophy had reached a high watermark, both among the Buddhists and the traditional Indian philosophers. ....probed into almost every aspect of their speculations, whether relating to epistemology, ontology, moral philosophy, or philosophy of language. He linked disjointed concepts and dissolved the hardened and the solidified.
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