Spirulina: What it is, The Health Benefits it can Give You

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Title:Spirulina: What it is, The Health Benefits it can Give You


Author:Jack Joseph Challem

Publisher:Keats Publishing Inc.

Publish Year:1981

Edition:First Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Health | Medicine




Size:140 x 217 mm


Price:USD 2.00

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  • For so simple a food from the world's waters, it possesses a complete protein richer than steak abundant organically complexed minerals; a variety of essential vitamins, and many beneficial enzymes. More than just a food, Spirulina is valuable in weight control, allergies, visual problems, carbohydrate disorders, anemia and other disease conditions. This is the remarkable story of Spirulina and how it can contribute to your wellbeing. 

    Jack Joseph Challem

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