Try to Live to See This!

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Title:Try to Live to See This!



Editor:Robert Bly

Publisher:The Ally Press

Publish Year:1977

Edition:Reprinted Edition

Cover:Paper Back

Subject:Poetry | Literature



Size:156 x 202 mm


Price:USD 1.54

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  • It is for this reason that Kabir is held in high esteem all over the world. Another beauty of Kabir's poetry is that he picks up situations that surround our daily lives. Thus, even today, Kabir's poetry is relevant and helpful in both social and spiritual context. Following Kabir means understanding one's inner self, realizing oneself, accepting oneself as is, and becoming harmonious with one's surroundings.



    Born around 1400, Kabir was the son of a Moslem weaver in Benares, but his spiritual growth was influenced by Sufi poets and the ideas of the Hindus. He is regarded as a great religious reformer and the founder of a sect to which nearly a million northern Hindus still belong.

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