A History of Buddhist Philosophy: Continuities and Discontinuities

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Title:A History of Buddhist Philosophy: Continuities and Discontinuities


Author:David J. Kalupahana

Publisher:Motilal Banarsidass Publishers

Publish Year:2011

Edition:Reprint Edition

Cover:Hard Back



Remarks:Notes, Appendix, Bibliography and Index.


Size:146 x 224 mm


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  • This book is builds upon a completely reconstructed, detailed analysis of both early and latter Buddhism. Part one is devoted to early Buddhism, opening with a thorough examination of pre Buddhist thought and its absolutist character, followed by biographical sketch of Siddhartha, the historical Buddha. Each of the following nine chapters examines a major theme in Buddhist discourse: knowledge and understanding, experience and theory, language and communication, freedom and happiness, human personality, human suffering, the object, the moral life, and popular religious thought. Part 2 examines later Buddhism by mapping its continuities with and divergences from early Buddhist doctrine.

    David J. Kalupahana

    David Kalupahana is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hawaii. .......most significant is the manner in which the author proceeded to examine the subtle and complex metaphysical issues that blinded the sarvastivadins and the Sautrantikas in a background in which speculative philosophy had reached a high watermark, both among the Buddhists and the traditional Indian philosophers. ....probed into almost every aspect of their speculations, whether relating to epistemology, ontology, moral philosophy, or philosophy of language. He linked disjointed concepts and dissolved the hardened and the solidified.
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